The Wine Bougie
The Wine Bougie
More wine than bougie, really. I’m on a mission to learn all I can about the beautiful world of wines and to share my discoveries with you. Software Engineer by training, Web Designer by choice, Wine Drinker by passion.

Who am I?

Let’s see if you can relate to this feeling: you’re sitting in a restaurant, perhaps it’s a date night, or a business lunch, or even just a get-together with friends. It’s time to make a selection for drinks. What will it be, madam? Red or white? Malbec, Bordeaux, Shiraz? A Pinot Noir? What was the difference again? You’re beginning to feel a little uncomfortable and out of your league. Is your date noticing? Aren’t you supposed to…know about this stuff? Does it matter? Is there such a thing as chosing “wrong wine” with your meal or occasion, or should you just go for the second cheapest (as most customers do)? You settle on the house red, the waiter ever so slightly raises his eyebrow while taking down your order. Oh dear – you should have taken a wine tasting class, some day…when there is time…

While these thoughts are still spinning in your head (note to self: look up wine tasting classes at my local community college when I get home), the waiter is arriving with your wine bottle. He swiftly uncorks it and pours a small amount into your glass with an elegant flip of the wrist. And now what? Should you sniff it? Swirl it? Hold it up against the light and inspect it? Is there such a thing as swirling a wine glass…the wrong way? You settle on taking a small sip and tenatively nod that the wine is to your liking. The waiter smiles a knowing smile while filling up your glass and you wonder if the wine you just happily accepted is corked, a total rip-off, or, as it once happened to me, a dessert wine intended only for post-meal consumption (the waiter informed me thusly after I indicated that my wine was too sweet for me taste – “Madam, a Port is always sweet. I thought you would know that.”).

Whether you have been in the situation described above, or whether you are well beyond these stages: you arrived at my site because you are a fellow wine lover, and you wanted to learn a bit more about the fascinating universe of wines, their makes, the terroirs, their history, and, of course, their taste. I for one have arrived to the wine world as a total and utter bloody beginner, with a mission to turn into a bold bougie, not afraid of ordering the “wrong wine” (if there is such a thing) any more. Follow me on my path, and I hope you pick up some tips that may assist you on yours. A la santé!

Currently, I am obsessed with New World wines. In no particular order, my favorites include:

  • Syrah
  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Malbec

In my real life, I’m a web designer and developer. My other hobbies are reading literature and poetry. And obviously exercising to keep those extra calories from my wine consumption in check 🙂

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