Have you made your wine selections to accompany your Turkey dinner yet? Not sure what to pair with gravy, sweet potatoes, and roasted ham? Fear not, find below our recommendation for the best wines to pair effortlessly with all the traditional Thanksgiving staple dishes:

Beaujolais Nouveau

Beaujolais in a flexible wine that pairs nicely with range of flavors and and sweetness of traditional Thanksgiving dishes.

Unlike big, bold wines that demand the spotlight, Beaujolais goes with the flow. Both Nouveau and non-Nouveau Beaujolais are relatively light in body and low in tannin, key factors that make them pair well with everything from roasted Brussels sprouts to cranberry sauce.

The light body also means this red defies the white wine with white meat rule, yet it’s still strong enough to accompany sausage-infused stuffings, and won’t be washed away by buttery vegetables. In short, it’s an all-around champion.


Bordeaux wines are meant to be consumed with food, and because there is such variety in the region, you can find a different wine for every part of the meal. While bold reds from the region might usually be paired with red meat, a turkey with gravy also feels appropriate.

When it comes to wine on Thanksgiving, give Bordeaux another chance. There are a bunch of accessible reds that are ready to drink, and also surprising whites (yes, whites!) and of course delicious sweet wines perfect to end The Big Meal. The versatility of these wines lend themselves to all parts of Thanksgiving, from the relish tray to pumpkin pie.


Thanksgiving is also the kind of meal that you would want to end with Sauternes, the totally delicious and under-appreciated wine that might just make you pass on a second slice of pumpkin pie in favor a couple extra sips. When done right, it basically tastes like liquid sunshine.