Maybe you’re on a business travel, or are spending the first night in a new home. or you’re hosting a party, have a full house and a crowded kitchen. Either way, it’s the perfect time to pour a nice glass if wine. But there is no corkscrew in sight. No need to panic, here are 5 certified Lifehacks to save the day and allow you to open the wine bottle without a corkscrew. I also apologize for the very bad double entendres in the following titles, I simply could not resist 🙂

1. Key it

Put the key on the cork, gently press it and turn it so that the comb drills slowly into the cork. Then the cork can be removed carefully, just as you would with a the corkscrew.

2. Nail it

2-4 nails should be enough to open the wine bottle artisan style. Tap the nails into the cork in three or four corners and carefully pull them out of the neck of the bottle together with the cork with a claw hammer or pliers.

3. Screw it

Grab a screwdriver and a screw. The mechanics are similar to the corkscrew turn and with a pair of pliers you pull out the cork.

4. Knock it

Probably the most brutal method. Roll the bottle into a towel, put it in the shoe with the bottom, find a wall or use the floor and knock the shoe against it with wine. Calm and strong, so that the cork is pushed out of the neck of the bottle.

6. Knife it

For this option, it’s best to use a knife with a narrow, serrated blade, such as a steak knife. It has to fit in the bottleneck.

With one hand, hold the neck firmly, with the other, gently push the knife into the cork. Move it back and forth. Then turn the cork with the blade back and forth and pull it out (easier said than done – I know!)

6. Spoon it

The most offensive method of them all. Disclaimer: this method will change the taste of the wine. If you’re find with that, take a tablespoon and push the cork with the handle end in the bottle. Splash, the cork floats and the wine can flow.

(Note: before attempting any of the above, check if the wine bottle has a screw cap! In that case, simply unscrew the cap – Cheers.)