1. Monterey Wine Festival

“Where Wonderful Views Collide with Legendary Wines” – that would be nowhere else but at the Monterey Wine Festival. Now in its 42nd year The Monterey Wine Festival has established itself as the premier wine & food event in Monterey. Guests will fine savoring bites of wonderful foods that pair well with beers and spirits and sips of world class wines.

2. Epcot Food and Wine Festival

Let me admit something. As a Florida local, I cannot fathom why anyone would trek down here in the middle of the summer. Heat, hurricanes, and mosquitoes make this the least likely summer destination – for me. But, when Disney puts together it’s annual Food and Wine Festivals, wine lovers brave all those elements in order to experience delicious dishes and perfectly paired wines presented by some of the industry’s biggest names. And because this is Disney, this event is probably your best option for keeping kids happy while you sample cheese and wine from all over the world, guided by experts such as @maitrefromager. NEW this year are food and beverage pairing events (how to pair pork and wine? Beef and wine? Vegetarian and Wine?) with renowned sommeliers, proprietors , chefs, and winegrowers. The lineup is quite stunning, really. Florida in the summer suddenly looks a lot more…appetizing.

3. Telluride Wine Festival

Nestled in the majestic Colorado’s Rocky Mountains lie the communities of Telluride and the Mountain Village. These two small towns are as unique as they are as internationally known for world-class skiing. And every summer, Telluride attracts chefs, winemakers, restaurants and wine experts from all over the world for their annual Wine Festival. Why not join them this June for a educational seminars, wine pairing dinners, reserve and grand tastings, and an overall unique wine and food experience.